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If you are an attorney with a client that needs help with liquidation or valuation of their business assets, you have come to the right place. We provide appraisal services with fair and accurate values for all kinds of business assets. We partner with attorneys who are handling companies close to bankruptcy or managing acquisitions.

We also partner with any company that may require liquidation or valuation of business assets. If your company is making losses and you were planning to cover some of these losses by liquidating your commercial assets, we can help you to find defensible values for them.

We specialize in commercial and industrial auctions. Apart from asset auction and asset appraisal, we take full fiduciary responsibility of commercial assets for companies and attorneys handling companies. Once you partner with us, you need not  worry about any legal impediments.

Northwest Asset Service
Northwest Asset Service

Wide Range of Business Solutions

Northwest Asset Service is a professional asset appraisal service provider, armed with a wide range of business solutions for companies worldwide. With more than 20 years of experience in helping companies evaluate and liquidate their assets, we are experts are crafting solutions tailored to your specific requirements in banking, insurance, liquidation, and IRS appraisals.

We partner with companies and attorneys across the Western United States, including Hawaii, and several Asian countries, including Japan.

Valuation Services

We provide attorneys and companies with valuation services for:

  • Commercial equipment
  • Plant machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Motor Vehicles
Northwest Asset Service

Unique Approach

At Northwest Asset Service, we follow a unique work approach to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of our services. We treat each assignment as a new opportunity and provide our clients with world-class professional asset appraisal services. Each time, we craft a new solution that is specific to the client’s interests and needs, such as banking or IRS requirements.

Business Hours

Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 5 PM

Northwest Asset Service has been providing companies with fair valuations and smooth liquidation of assets since 1988. Learn more about us.

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Northwest Asset Service